Welcome to OSA 2016 Convention.

Odisha Society of New England (OSNE) Chapter welcomes you to the 47th OSA Annual Convention in Greater Boston area. As we embark on this ambitious journey to host the annual convention to reinforce social cohesion and promote our cultural heritage, we recognize that this monumental task can be achieved through collaboration and collective ownership, shared responsibility and a spirit of solidarity. We invite you to partner with us in the form of participation and exchange of ideas to facilitate our endeavors in making this a scintillating experience.
Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI (http://www.riconvention.com/about) is the location selected for hosting this event. Providence, RI, aptly nicknamed the Creative Capital, has been celebrated as a top dining destination and an arts mecca.
As we prepare ourselves for a three day long convention (July 1st to 3rd), we invite you to join us with family and friends to bask in the celebration of Odia culture, our heritage and savoring Odia food. We look forward to your perennial support and partnership to make this event a grand success.