The Seminars are aimed at translating ideas into reality; featuring topics of practical usefulness and long term value beyond the convention, and most importantly, an enjoyable and valuable experience for our Odia Diaspora in the Americas and our mother land Odisha. This is an opportunity for exchange of ideas, connect and network with experts, academics, policy makers, thought leaders, and enthusiasts for a common community cause.


The 47th OSA Convention Seminar is organized into four tracks, each with distinguished speakers and delegates dealing with issues for the development of Odisha and Odia Communities.


Odisha Development Forum

This track will feature ideas that have potential high impact on a wider community, innovative initiatives under implementation, and contributions by the members of the community in socio economic development in the prime sectors like Healthcare, Education, and Environment.

  1. Telemedicine: Access to Quality Healthcare in Rural Odisha
  2. Dignified living with disability
  3. Waste Management
  4. OSA Public Library Initiatives


NRO Community Forum

This track will feature information sessions, discussions and demonstrations for our member’s interest in Financial Planning, Health and Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Odia Literature, Spirituality, Odia Culture overseas, and integrating next generation.

  1. Financial Planning (Estate Planning)
  2. Body and Mind (Yoga, Pranayam, Jumba, Positive living)
  3. Jagannath Culture
  4. Odia Literature
  5. Odia Kabita Pathachakra
  6. OSA Regional Drama Festival
  7. Entrepreneurship


Women’s Forum

The presentation will be on:

The notion of glass ceiling related to women: How do women feel about their work? Is it tied to the identity?  What can be done for women who are not as fortunate to fulfill their dreams as some of us are?

Women in industry: Society has come a long way accepting women at work place both here in USA and in India. This talk touches upon the issues that women face today at their work places and their juggling act between family and work.

Education and empowerment of women in India: Specifically in Odisha with reference to access to education and employment opportunities, safety at workplace, change of attitude for women employees, economic, social, physical and psychological empowerment.

Topic such as cultural criticism, diversity and representation, race, gender, entertainment, history, advice, finance, and politics.

The effects of being both Oriya and American on character and personality; how societal views, perceptions, and expectations interrelate with parenting style and choices which ultimately has a direct effect on kids as well as their upbringings today. More specifically it’s effects on young girls/ women who are growing up in the U.S today.


Youth Forum

This track will feature information sessions on Career Planning, Mentoring, and Peer Round Table Meetings for the youth and their parents.

  1. Youth Career Planning and Mentoring


Financial Planning (Investments & Distribution) Seminar

During the convention, The Seminar and Symposium Team is proud to present an educational seminar on “Financial Planning” including topics on investments, life insurance, distribution, and transfer of wealth. Audiences of all ages (15+) are welcome to attend. The details are as given below:

Track Chair: Dr. Budhinath Padhy

Time: July 2nd (Saturday), @2 PM (Room #552A, RICC)

Investments Topics:

  • Common Savings Vehicles – 401K, IRA, Mutual Funds
  • Children’s education fund 529
  • Concept of saving – Why save, How much to save & Where to save

Distribution, Transfer and other topics:

  • Role of Life Insurance
  • Disability & Long Term Care
  • Planning for retirement
  • Distribution and transfer of wealth

Speaker on Distribution: Dr. Avtar Ganju

Speaker on Investments: Mrs. Anindita Mohanty


Biography of Mrs. Anindita Mohanty


Mrs. Anindita Mohanty is a financial adviser focusing on investments. She is the Valedictorian of the CT School of Finance & Management in 2012. She had 14 years of corporate experience that includes working in multiple banks, with multiple management roles. In addition to being a Financial Advisor for adults, she specializes in protecting the future of children, young adults & special needs of children including “investing in College Funds”, and educating parents to raise “financially responsible children”.

She is a regular speaker for the Town Youth Services in several CT towns, founder of a Networking Group, and is known in the community as a Leader with a passion for helping children & veterans.  She is an active member in several Chambers of Commerce, and is an invited speaker at the YWCA Annual Women’s Conference in CT.

Finally, she believes that it is best to identify her roles in the following order: INDIVIDUAL, WIFE, MOTHER and ENTREPRENUER (FINANCIAL ADVISOR) as she believes that life’s lessons are an integral part of an individual & not that of the profession.

Biography of Dr. Avtar Ganju

Dr. Avtar Ganju has earned his Ph.D in Pharmaceuticals from the prestigious “Institute of Chemical Technology” Mumbai, India. He has an Executive Management Degree in Marketing from Bajaj Institute Of Management, Mumbai, India. After joining the financial industry, Dr. Ganju has decided to get his C.L.U. (Chartered Underwriter), Ch.F.C. (Chartered Financial Consultant) and C.F.P. (Certified Financial Planner) certifications. He has been in the financial industry for over 35 years serving the Indian and South Asian Community.

Back in early 90’s, Dr. Ganju hosted a very popular TV show “Money Matters” on the Indian Television Network. He was a member of the Top 50 club at MONY life insurance Company and had held the positions of Sales Manager and Managing Director both at MONY and Met Life. He has trained hundreds of Life Insurance Agents and has given many seminars.

He has been involved all aspects of Life Insurance including the Retirement Planning and Wealth Transfer.

Dr. Ganju has over 700 endorsements on his LinkedIn Profile and has involved in many community organizations. He is the founding member of the US arm of “Salam Bombay Children’s Fund,” one of the respected charitable organizations from India. He is the treasurer, Secretary and a Board Member of the organization and an adviser to “Optimist” a charitable organization dedicated to helping poor children from Bangladesh.