Subrina Biswal Award in Performing Arts

The "Subrina Biswal Award in Performing Arts” is held in conjunction with OSA convention.
Eligibility Requirements:
Participant must be

  • Below 18 years of age
  • A child of a “voting member” of OSA with a primary residence in USA or Canada.
  • Visitor VISA holders and children of visitor VISA holders are not eligible

Screening Requirements:All participants must register in advance and provide a video clip of a prior performance of the participant/group to the link provided in the entry form. Group performances are preferred. All entries will go thru initial screening process to confirm your participation based on the sample video/audio clip uploaded during the registration.

Time Limits:
Time limits will be strictly enforced in this competition in all rounds and any entry that does not meet the time requirements will be disqualified immediately. The time limit per performance is as follows:

  • 3 minutes for solo and duet
  • 4 minutes for a group of 3 & 4
  • 5 minutes for a group of 5 & more

Age Groups:

  • Junior category: 8-12 years of age
  • Senior category: 13-18 years of age

For a group with participants of different ages, the category will be defined by the age of the oldest participant.

All categories of performing arts (Vocal and instrumental music/dance/drama) are eligible except the following: magic, calisthenics, comedy or any other item that does not clearly represent performing arts. Comedy as part of drama or skit is acceptable. All the performances except instrumental music must be in Odia language.

Application & Enrollment Procedure:
Location:             RICC (Main Stage)
Date & Time:      July 2nd, 2016; (Time: To be announced)
Coordinator:        Sudhira Mishra, Soumya Mohanty, Liza Das Mohapatra & Somani Patnaik
Contact Details -

Further Information:
Please contact for further information.