Pramode Patnaik Inter-Chapter Drama Competition

This competition was instituted to honor Dr. Pramod Patnaik’s contribution in promoting the art forms and culture of Odisha. He was the 4th President of OSA (1978-1980) and a great leader, orator, dramatist, and creative Program Director.

It is a very popular program with Odia drama enthusiasts. The artists enthrall the audience with their impeccable acting skills.

  • The duration of the drama is limited to 20 minutes only (no exception); only 2 minutes will be provided for prop setup.
  • Minimum 2 participants per entry.
  • One drama per Chapter/State/Region will be eligible to compete in this category.
  • Participation entry must come through the president of the concerned chapter or from an OSA life member.
  • The entry has to have a different name & title than pre-registered dramas. Please check and confirm with the convention cultural team before you choose the drama.
  • Each group should arrange their own props or instruments for competition.
  • Any specific audio or light requirements should be communicated to convention cultural team beforehand. We will try our best to meet all requests.
  • Since the number of entries need to be limited due to time constraints, the convention cultural team may use additional screening requirements

Participation deadline for entry submission: May 15, 2016

Location:             RICC (Main Stage)

Date & Time:      July 3rd, 2016; Time: To Be Announced