OSA's Got Talent

OSA’s Got Talent (OGT) is a competitive event to showcase your talent. All forms of performing arts; dance, music, instrumental music, comedy, skit can be performed on stage. Participants are encouraged to use the Odia language. In order to maximize participation within the limited duration, the participants are requested to present group items.


Participants must be registered for the OSA convention through individual or family registration.
Screening Requirements:
All participants must register in advance and provide a video clip of a prior performance of the participant/group to the link provided in the entry form. Group performances are preferred. All entries will go thru initial screening process to confirm your participation based on the sample video/audio clip uploaded during the registration.
Time Limits:
Time limits will be strictly enforced in this competition in all rounds and any entry that does not meet the time requirements will be disqualified immediately. The time limit per performance is as follows:

  • 3 minutes for solo and duet
  • 4 minutes for a group of 3 or more

For a group with participants of different ages, the category will be defined by the age of the oldest participant.

Age Groups:
  • Group 1 : Age 8 and below
  • Group 2 : Age 9 – 13
  • Group 3 : Age 14 and Above
Rules & Regulation:
  • The program is open to all families and their children registered for the convention.
  • Applications must be received within the registration time period – 1st April to 30th April.
  • A participant can have only one entry within OSA Got Talent.
  • To accommodate a large number of entries, the 47th OSA Convention Committee will:
    • Give preference to Group Items over Solo Items.
    • Inclusion of Solo item will be at the discretion of the OSA Got Talent review committee.
  • Reach the venue at least 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time of your program. If you are late for your scheduled presentation then your item will be moved to the bottom of the list, to be presented after all pre-scheduled items assigned in that category have been presented.
How to participate in the event:
  • Register online for OSA Got Talent event using the Form below by 30-APRIL-2016, 23:59 EDT.
  • Ensure you have received an acknowledgement from the event coordinators within 3 days of your registration.
  • Submit the music file for your program in MP3 format by 15-MAY-2016.
  • Ensure you have received the scheduled date and the time of your performance from the organizers.
How to submit music for your program:

The music for your program must be submitted in MP3 format. Please make sure the length of the music does not exceed the maximum program time of 4 min for a group item.
Music file submission before April 30th: Please upload the music file along with your program details using the program registration form given below.

Location:               RICC (Main Stage)
Date & Time:       July 3rd, 2016; Time: To be announced

Coordinator -                    Suchilagna Panigrahi, Kalpana Panigrahi, Prativa Sahoo & Sangya Padhi
Contact Details -   OsaGotTalen2016@gmail.com

Please contact OsaBostonCultural@gmail.com for further information.