Meghna Memorial Award

Last but not the least is this piece of our publication. We welcome articles from our budding Writers, Poets, and Artists for this award.

We wish to encourage all our Next Generation Writers to get BIG one day like ….. we have so many names in mind that we want the kids to find their real idol in writing. Godspeed.

MEGHNA MEMORIAL AWARD FOR CREATIVE WRITING: After the sad demise of Meghna Mahapatra, daughter of Santosh and Lipika Mahapatra, in a tragic road accident on 5th November 2005, members of the Michigan Chapter of the Orissa Society of the Americas have set up the Meghna Memorial Fund, managed by the Meghna Memorial Trust. This was made possible through generous contributions from many people, including Meghna‘s parents. To commemorate Meghna and pay tribute to her creative spirit, it was deemed appropriate to institute the ―Meghna Memorial Award for Creative Writing.



The Meghna Memorial Award was started in 2007. There are two awards:

  • The Junior Award is for Children of ages between 7 and 12.
  • The Senior Award is for Children of ages between 13 and 18.

The winner in each group will be recognized at the OSA Convention, receive a certificate, a check for $150, and a copy of the Souvenir issue in which his/her article is published.


Criteria for Recognition

A panel of judges will look at all the writings by children in the junior and senior age groups will be judged for exceptional creativity and quality of writing. The formats and styles are wide open. Examples are poems, short stories, letters home from a trip, or just the child/youth‘s view of the adult world.

Each contribution should NOT be more than FOUR printed pages. Both Odia and English writings are welcome.


Eligibility Requirements

All children of Odia origin residing in North America (USA and Canada) in the age group of 7 to 18 are eligible to participate. The parents or children need NOT be members of OSA at the time of nomination.

Nomination Process

Writings can be sent in by children or their parents. All articles submitted to the Souvenir will automatically be considered for the award. Keep your articles ready!
These rules and Guidelines can also be found at: Click Here

Author (or Artist) Details

Each write up/ art should be accompanied by

  • Author’s/Artist’s Name and School Grade
  • Author’s/Artist’s Age
  • Author’s Photograph
  • Author’s/Artist’s Hobbies, Passions and Future Goals
  • Parent’s Name(s)
  • Postal address – City, State and Country – State only to be published (for security)
  • e-mail ID (not published – confidential to editors)
  • Phone number (not published – confidential to editors)


Last date for submission

April 15, 2016. This date has been finalized in order to allow time for peer review. (Not to be forgotten as this is the tax filing deadline.)

This deadline is Final and no extension will be made. Please prepare your articles early and submit before the deadline

Method of Article Submission

All articles should be typed and sent to by e-mail with Subject line – “Article for Meghna Memorial”.


Note: If you send an article and do not receive Acknowledgement within 3 days, Please send an e-mail to the Editorial Team below with Your Name and Article Name
For more Information please contact the Editorial Team, 47th OSA Convention
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